the 6-week rapid REFINEMENT style + Grooming solution
  • Work 1-on-1 With An Expert Men's Stylist To Upgrade Your Appearance 
  • Learn To Look Your Best And Shop With Confidence From Now On
  • ​Develop Your Ideal Style And Dress For Your Body Shape
  • ​Discover What Hairstyle, Facial Hair, And Skincare Works Best For You Specifically
  • ​Receive A Detailed, Personalized Shopping List Around Your Budget, Sizes, Fits, Color, And Styles
  • ​Shave Years Of Time and Thousands Of Dollars Off Of Trying To Figure It Out On Your Own
*Because Of The Personalized Nature of These, I Only Work 1-on-1 With 12 Guys Per Month to Allow Individualized Attention.

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Read This Before Moving On...

From Patrick Kenger
your personal Stylist + Founder of Pivot
Hi, if you don't know me yet, I'm Patrick - a personal stylist who only works with men, just like you, to help develop your personal style, handle your grooming, and give you the personalized answers and recommendations you need to become a more attractive guy.

As a man, I understood the challenges of dressing your body, the confusion of shopping, and not having a clue what looks good on you. 

There was nothing in the market to really help guys navigate this territory. 

Aside from generic, un-personalized subscription boxes, female friends and spouses uncomfortably giving it their best shot, and overpriced style Ebooks and courses produced by uneducated bloggers, there wasn't anything that could give men the real answers they needed.

I changed that. 

I've personally helped hundreds of men from around the wrold navigate their style and grooming challenges. From best selling authors and celebrities to normal guys who just want to look good for their partner or their profession, I show you what actually works for you personally and why, assisting you through the entire process. 

If you want to look your best and feel confident in your appearance, I'd be delighted to help. 

This program is a wealth of condensed style knowledge that is tailored to your specific needs to jump your appearance ahead by lightyears. No extraneous information. 

Don't take my word for it. Hear from some of the guys and check out the details of this incredible program below. I'm looking forward to working with you.
Curious about the process and how it all works? 
Here's the step by step process of what it looks like working with me.


Sign up by clicking one of the buttons on this page. Once you purchase the package, you'll then fill out a questionnaire, submit photos, and schedule your virtual call whenever is convenient for you (This typically schedules about 2 weeks out so book early).


I'll then get to work putting together all your suggestions - Your "Roadmap" to a better looking you.
Things like face shape, color analysis, your complete shopping list, closet review, etc. are all part of the process. A personalized process for a personalized result.


We'll then meet on Zoom for a 90 minute call where I deliver you your perfect style and grooming roadmap - Walking you through everything 1-on-1, going over your photos and the exact items and steps to take. After our call, you'll get your shopping links, session recording, color palettes, hairstyles, and example photos added into your personal client portal that you'll then receive access to.


You then implement everything: purchasing your items (direct product links are included - all in your budget range) and putting your grooming and outfit improvements into place. While you do this, you'll have 6 weeks of email support from me following the consultation call to help you put things into action.


Once you get all your new items in, you'll have another 1 hour Zoom call with me after you get some of your items (you can use this anytime in your 6 weeks of support). We'll go over all your new purchases to make any changes or get you any swaps added to your list. You'll also be able to ask any follow up questions here too. 


Congratulations. You've now reached your target of looking incredible in record time. You'll have a core foundational wardrobe that sets you up for anything. Expect to come away with 20-30+ different outfit combinations of handsome, great-fitting clothing, along with the knowledge to do it yourself. You'll also have access to book follow-up calls with me at a discounted rate forever if you ever want more help.

"Clothing would never fit the way I wanted it to. He solved that big challenge. Awesome experience." - Ty

"It's all made a big difference and it's only been a couple weeks" - Chris


Hundreds Of Men Like You Have Transformed The Way They Look And Feel With These Sessions. See What Others Have Said About Their Experience.
"Patrick was prompt, courteous, and man -- he was absolutely spot-on with my goals and suggestions on how to achieve them! Moreover, I was really pleased to get personal Emails from him right from the beginning -- from inquiry to actually meeting for a virtual consultation -- he's a real guy with real answers. I can't say thanks enough for a truly great service!"
"Patrick's mastery of the aesthetic principles of style is exemplary. Patrick's personal approach and attentiveness to the individual needs of each client makes his service invaluable. You will definitely receive more value than you pay for, which is a refreshing alternative. Schedule a consultation with Pivot Image Consulting; you will not regret it."
"Working with Patrick I felt like he was on my side the whole time, interested in helping, answering every question and the best image consultant I've worked with and I've worked earlier in life with a few. Thank you, Patrick."
"As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on conferences, seminar, and workshops, this is definitely the best purchase I've made to improve myself. Since our consultation, I have been able to make principled decisions about my clothing and grooming related purchases. My female friends and coworkers have complimented me on my style choices."
what if you could make looking great simple?
The most in-depth style and grooming knowledge - expertly blueprinted specifically around you, allowing you to streamline looking your best.
  •  ​Kick things off with your Style + Grooming Roadmap Call - a 1-on-1 private session everything you need to look your best (see specifics below) from head to toe, followed by email support and follow up to make sure you implement things correctly without issue. During this program you'll get:
  • Unlock your perfect hairstyle. Get a customized hairstyle for your face and hair type, along product suggestions for styling and instructions on how to use them. You'll also get access to our Perfect Hairstyle training module that teaches you the in's and out's of hairstyling that you can refer back to. Aside from all that, you'll get example photos, a list of products, and the exact words to use with your hairstylist. 
  • Facial hair suggestions with example photos and instructions. 
  • ​A full skincare routine developed for you based on your skin type, budget, and current routine with exact product recommendations and instructions on how to use each one.
  • Color analysis to show you your strongest colored clothing, accessories, and combinations with a personalized color palette you can use forever to assist with shopping and outfit creation.
  • ​A style assessment using your own images to show you the good and the bad of your outfits, marking up your pictures to show you exactly what needs improvement and how to do it.
  • Giving you the right fits, brands, and items for your personal and professional life
  • A shopping list of new items based on your personal style, color recommendations, and budget. We go on a "virtual Shopping Trip" where I take you to the exact stores and brands you'll need, and show you the exact items to get, shortcutting any shopping on your end. Expect to come away with 15-30 different outfit combinations full of handsome, great-fitting clothing,
  • A PDF version of your Shopping List with your specific items, brands, and other relevant information. Use to plan your shopping in-person or just make the purchases online. It's all up to you.
  • Copies of all example photos - Example hairstyle photos, outfit photos, color palettes, etc. will all be delivered to you directly after your session so you download them and refer back whenever you need to. 
  • You'll also get ​The "Ultimate Guide To Shopping" - a 62 page Ebook with tips and tricks to get the best stuff, at the best price, with the least effort. Includes a list of all the top brands for each category of clothing (ex. The best places to buy t-shirts, jeans, etc.)
  • ​​ A video recording of your session so you can review your personalized tips and everything else you learned anytime you want that is yours to keep. 
  • ​​​Email support for 6 weeks as you implement your action plan - You'll have access to me if any questions or issues arise while you're putting everything into practice, and to review all your purchases. 
  • ​A 1-Hour Follow Up Zoom Call - Used once you start getting your items in to go over how they fit, how to pair things together, and answer any follow up questions after our first call. 
  • ​​My personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't think you got enough value, you get everything back. It's as simple as that. 
"Clothing would never fit the way I wanted it to. He solved that big challenge. Awesome experience."
"It's all made a big difference and it's only been a couple weeks"
"It was worth multiples of what I paid to have a guy with his knowledge guide me to the style I was looking for"
"Patrick is a 'Guy's Guy' but knows his stuff so deeply. You're going to get a massive result."

It was worth multiples of what I paid to have a guy with his knowledge guide me to the style I was looking for"  - Pat

"Patrick is a 'Guy's Guy' but knows his stuff so deeply. You're going to get a massive result." - Dan

Read through some of the most common questions I get asked...

 Am I a good fit for a consultation?

Nearly every guy could use a little sprucing up, from style veterans to complete beginners. The great thing about this consultation is that it is perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Whether you're a beginner and you have no idea where to start, or you're a style veteran who needs some fresh ideas, this session will be packed with actionable advice personalized just for you. 

Although most men need an image consultation, this is NOT for everyone. This session is only for men who are willing to take action on the advice given during the session and have the means to do so. Clients should be prepared for new ways of thinking about their style, grooming, and overall appearance. Lastly, I'm the nicest guy who will tell you bluntly what you're doing wrong. It helps to have thicker skin for these sessions. I promise it's all out of love. 

 How do you help me get this solved?

I get that this might be a strange territory for you and up until this point, you might not have known someone like me even existed, but you should know a few things here...

→ I hold menswear certifications from top styling institutions, making my suggestions grounded and scientific, rather than someone who just has an "opinion". There's a why behind every suggestion for you, rather than just what's trending this week.

→ I've helped nearly 1000 men through this for a decade, working only with men. Specialization means further depth of knowledge. You don't go to your General Practitioner for Neurosurgery...

→ I do not take sponsorship money – Never have. Never will. Influencers, subscription boxes, YouTuber's, etc. all make their money from advertisers and brands who have paid for placements. Here, you're always getting the best products for YOU, not what some brand has paid me to give to you. This also means we're not limited to any specific brands much like stores or subscription boxes - whatever brands work best for you is what you get. 

→ I'm regularly consulted with by top media and news outlets as a trusted source in the industry for years. I've also been enlisted by NYT and WSJ best-selling authors, TED speakers, Fortune 100 execs, TV personalities, etc., to help them improve their image for public appearances. 

→ Being a guy, I understand how to dress the male body first hand and I get the challenges you face, knowing how difficult shopping can be - I've dealt with the same stuff... A female (stylist or friend) doesn't understand those same nuances. How could they? It's like a chef who can't taste their own cooking. 

→ More than anything, I started this all for you. This was a strange territory for men to try to navigate on their own. There was never a way to get educated, personalized information before. Now there is. 

 Will I remain anonymous? 

Completely. I pride myself on taking my client's privacy very seriously. We don't plaster photos of you all over the internet to make my services look good. Other than you, me, and everyone who notices the new way you look, no one will know you used this service. 

 What is the investment?

Aside from the price of the consultation, think about how much money you've wasted on unstylish, low quality purchases. And think about all the time, effort, and energy you spent doing it.

For the cost of the consultation, you get an entire roadmap to looking your best, and 1-on-1 support directly from me while you're doing it. 

You'll gain the knowledge and unique skillset 99% of men DON'T have – knowing exactly what works best for you from the right hairstyles and colors, down to the correct way to dress your body type and how to put outfits together based on all of that. More than gaining the understanding, you'll have an exact blueprint of what you need to do in order to look your best from start to finish. 

Besides knowing exactly how to look your best, you'll come away with a whole new core wardrobe of updated stylish clothing based on repairing your current closet options, budget, colors, personal style, and body type that you can build upon in the future. Not to mention a list of grooming items like hair and skincare products.

Many guys look at me as an investment advisor - saving you days of trial and error shopping, years of trying to learn what works best for you on your own AND saving you loads of cash by getting you the best items around your budget, saving your from wasting money on mediocre items that don't pair with things you own or look good on you.

The reason this program is popular is because In-person consultations are waitlisted further in-advance, so this satisfies the gap for clients who don't want to travel (or pay for it) while still providing the same in-depth expertise. In-person consultations with this same information start at 3997 and my highest-priced package, PIVOT Platinum is 24,997. 

I've made this service less than half of the cost of hiring me in-person, and it's a fraction of the cost of money spent on bad clothing purchases you dislike or don't wear. For less than the cost of a couple great outfits, you can have the roadmap to drastically improving your appearance, a new wardrobe of stuff you love, the knowledge to know exactly what works for you and and why, and 1-on-1 support directly from me while you're doing it. 

 Is there a guarantee?


I believe in these consultations so much that if for some reason you're not happy, then you just let me know after the first consultation call and receive a full 100% refund. I'll even eat the credit card processing fees and you can keep all the information and notes. It's that simple. You literally have nothing to lose here. I back my process, and believe in the work strongly - I've seen the positive effect it's had on my client's lives for years. 

Copyright © 2023 Pivot Image Consulting, LLC.  All Rights Reserved - Do Not Replicate Under Penalty. 
Copyright © 2024 Pivot Image Consulting, LLC.  All Rights Reserved - Do Not Replicate Under Penalty.