I Want to Work With You One-On-One To Teach You How To Look Your Best, Shop With Confidence, And Develop Your Sense of Style And Grooming. Looking Good Doesn't Take Months or Even Years When You Have The Answers You Need. A Straightforward Approach, By Men, For Men. Learn More About Yourself And How To Finally Look Your Best.
*Because Of The Personalized Nature of These, I Only Work With 20 Men Per Month to Allow Individualized Attention. Spots Are Available This Month If You're Seeing This Page.

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From Patrick Kenger - Founder + Lead Stylist...
Hi, I'm Patrick. I'm a personal stylist who works exclusively with men, just like you, helping you develop your personal style, handle your grooming, and give you the personalized answers and recommendations you need to become a more attractive guy.

As a man, I understood the challenges of dressing your body, the confusion of shopping, and not having a clue what looks good on you. 

There was nothing in the market to really help guys navigate this territory. 

Aside from generic, un-personalized subscription boxes, female friends and spouses uncomfortably giving it their best shot, and overpriced style Ebooks and courses produced by uneducated bloggers, there wasn't anything that could give men the real answers they needed.

I changed that. 

I've personally helped hundreds of men from around the globe navigate their style and grooming challenges. From best selling authors and celebrities to normal guys who just want to look good for their partner or their profession, I show you what actually works for you personally and why, assisting you through the entire process. 

If you want to look your best and feel confident in your appearance, I'd be delighted to help. 

This program is a wealth of condensed style knowledge that is tailored to your specific needs. No extraneous information. 

Don't take my word for it. Hear from some of the guys and check out the details of this incredible session below. I'm looking forward to working with you.
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Virtual makeover

Hear From The Guys

Hundreds Of Men Like You Have Changed The Way They Look And Feel With These Sessions. See What Others Have Said About Their Experience.
"Patrick was prompt, courteous, and man -- he was absolutely spot-on with my goals and suggestions on how to achieve them! Moreover, I was really pleased to get personal Emails from him right from the beginning -- from inquiry to actually meeting for a virtual consultation -- he's a real guy with real answers. I can't say thanks enough for a truly great service!"
"Patrick's mastery of the aesthetic principles of style is exemplary. Patrick's personal approach and attentiveness to the individual needs of each client makes his service invaluable. You will definitely receive more value than you pay for, which is a refreshing alternative. Schedule a consultation with Pivot Image Consulting; you will not regret it."
"Working with Patrick I felt like he was on my side the whole time, interested in helping, answering every question and the best image consultant I've worked with and I've worked earlier in life with a few. Thank you, Patrick."
"As someone who has spent thousands of dollars on conferences, seminar, and workshops, this is definitely the best purchase I've made to improve myself. Since our consultation, I have been able to make principled decisions about my clothing and grooming related purchases. My female friends and coworkers have complimented me on my style choices."
what if you could make looking great easy?
The most in-depth style and grooming knowledge - blueprinted specifically around you.
  •  ​One 2-Hour Zoom Call ( Estimated 2+ Hours of Prep Work Included). A 1-on-1 private session with me to deliver you everything you need from head to toe.
  • ​The perfect hairstyle recommendation and products for styling your hair type. This Includes examples and the verbiage to use with your stylist. 
  • Facial hair and grooming suggestions as well as skincare product recommendations.
  • Color analysis to show you your strongest colored clothing, accessories, and combinations with a personalized color palette you can use forever to assist with shopping and outfit creation.
  • ​Style assessment using your own images to show you the good and the bad of your outfits, marking up your pictures to show you exactly what needs improvement. 
  • Giving you the right fits, brands, and items for your personal and professional life
  • ​A personal "Pivot Style Board" that helps you define your personal style using real-world examples, giving you ideas of what to work towards when creating outfits. 
  • A shopping list of new items based on your personal style, color recommendations, and budget. We go on a "virtual Shopping Trip" where I take you to the exact stores and brands you'll need, and show you the right items to try, shortcutting your shopping. 
  • A PDF version of your Shopping List with your specific items, brands, and other relevant information. Use to plan your shopping in-person or just make the purchased online.
  • Copies of all example photos - Example hairstyle photos, outfit photos, color palettes, etc. will all be delivered to you directly after your session so you download them and refer back whenever you need to. 
  • You'll also get ​The "Ultimate Guide To Shopping" - a 62 page Ebook with tips and tricks to get the best stuff, at the best price, with the least effort. Includes a list of all the top brands for each category of clothing (ex. The best places to buy t-shirts, jeans, etc.)
  • ​​ A video recording of your session so you can review your personalized tips and everything else you learned anytime you want that is yours to keep. 
  • ​​​ Email support for 1 month as you implement your action plan - You'll have access to me if any questions or issues arise while you're putting everything into practice, and to review all your purchases. 
  • ​​My personal 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't think you got enough value, you get everything back. It's as simple as that. 
Am I a good fit for a consultation?
Nearly every guy on the planet can use a little sprucing up. The great thing about this consultation is that it is perfectly tailored to suit your needs. Whether you're a beginner and you have no idea where to start, or you're a style veteran who needs some fresh ideas, this session will be packed with actionable advice personalized just for you. 

Although most men need an image consultation, this is NOT for everyone. This session is only for men who are willing to take action on the advice given during the session and have the means to do so. Clients should be prepared for new ways of thinking about their style, grooming, and overall appearance. Lastly, I'm the nicest guy who will tell you bluntly what you're doing wrong. It helps to have thicker skin for these sessions. I promise it's all out of love. 

Why are you the guy to help me get this solved?
I get that this might be a strange territory for you and up until this point, you might not have known someone like me even existed. Through the years I've been able to help hundreds of men from around the world through this process, giving them the answers they'd been searching for.

I hold menswear certifications from top styling institutions, making my suggestions grounded and scientific, rather than someone who just has an "opinion". I also have been regularly consulted with by top media and news outlets as a trusted source in the industry for years. Lastly, being a guy, I understand the challenges you face and how difficult shopping can be - because I've dealt with the same stuff. More than anything, I started this all for you. There was never a way to get educated, personalized information before. Now there is. 
Will I remain anonymous? 
Completely. I pride myself on taking my client's privacy very seriously. We don't plaster photos of you all over the internet to make my services look good. Other than the way you look, no one will know you used the service. 

Is this affordable?
For the price of 2-3 great outfits, you can have all of this personalized knowledge delivered to you. I've made this service a fraction of the cost of hiring me in-person, and a fraction of the cost of wasted clothing purchases. In-person consultations are more expensive and waitlisted in-advance, so this satisfies the gap for clients while still providing the same in-depth expertise.  Think about me as an investment advisor - saving you both time and money from wasted bad purchases in the future. 

Is there a guarantee?
Yes. I guarantee that if you participate fully in this session, provide all the preparatory work, take notes, and implement the suggestions quickly you WILL come out of this with a core knowledge of men's style, but more specifically, how all of that style advice applies to you. I believe in these consultations so much that if for some reason you're not happy, then you just let me know within 30 days and receive a full 100% refund. It's that simple. You literally have nothing to lose here. I back my process, and believe in the work strongly - I've seen the effect it's had on my client's lives for years. 

This is the moment to improve the way you look, forever.
Let's get to work.