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From: Patrick Kenger
Founder + Stylist
I'm going to guess that I know you better than you think. I'm guessing that this isn't your first stop in your style journey. 

Like most of the men I work with, you've always wanted to be one of the best dressed guys in the room, but you were never quite able to figure out how everything works. 

You might have tried taking a look at a couple blog posts and Youtube videos, which somehow left you even more confused than before. You've tried asking friends or your spouse, but the best they can give you is a guess or an opinion on what they like. Maybe you tried a subscription box service that sent you overpriced clothing you'll never wear. In any case, you're done spending time and money on clothing and grooming products that don't work for you. 

This is why I started Pivot. To give guys the answers they need, without the BS. My job isn't to sell you clothing like a subscription box, get ad revenue from Youtube, or give you random opinions.

My only job is to make you look good. 

If you want straightforward, educated answers on what looks best on you, this is your first step. There are many consultations offered, but let's get you started with taking care of the "low hanging fruit". In this assessment, you're going to have an expert look at what style and grooming mistakes you're making, and ideas on what you can do to fix them, right now. Finally you can have the confidence to look and feel your best.

Read how it works below and let's get started. I'm looking forward to seeing you. 
Patrick Kenger
Founder + Stylist
How Does It Work?
Upload Your Pictures
Fill out the form on this page with your best email address. Once you do, I'll personally reach out, usually within 48 hours or less and ask for some specific photos from you. You'll also get an email that contains some other goodies to help.
Get Personalized Tips
After I recive your photos and information, I start wokring on a personalized video for you. I clearly walk you through the areas you can improve and some easy ways to fix them. I'll also suggest options for further improvement down the road. 
Receive Your Video
You'll receive your video (or email summary) back with all of your suggestions. If there's something you need clarification on, feel free to ask. Once you've digested the tips there, you can explore further consultation options to continue the progress.
Assessment Requirements 
These assessments are not for everyone. As much as we would love helping every guy that come by, time is limited. To get a personalized video assessment, we have a few requirements you'll need to meet...
You must be considering working with Pivot. Either virtually through the online consultation or coaching program, or in-person. 
You must have the means to implement advice. This means you should mentally and financially be ready for change (you should be prepared to spend $1000+ on your appearance).

You must be a male (you'd be surprised how many women still want advice here) over the age of 21 and you must be located in the US or UK. This is legal stuff mostly.
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I certify that I meet the assessment requirements listed above.
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